The concept for the Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) has existed for years. In September of 2002, the idea of establishing an institution unifying Muslim-Americans became a reality. The overarching objectives of UMAA include: working towards uniting Muslim-Americans, helping fellow Americans better understand Islam, and encouraging civic awareness and engagement within the Muslim community in order to address socioeconomic and political issues that may not be the focus of centers of worship and other organizations.

UMAA seeks to provide a forum to foster unity among all Muslims, to participate in civic and political responsibilities, to dispel misgivings about Islam and Muslims, to help fellow Americans better understand Islam through the Qu'ran and the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Ahl al-Bayt (AS), and to take all necessary measures to help implement UMAA's objectives including, but not limited to, the social, religious, economic, and political advancement of Muslims in America. Specifically, UMAA shall seek to:

  • Unify the Shia community in North America,
  • Help and serve in social, economic and political activities,
  • Enhance and build our intellectual heritage and facilitate interaction amongst intellectuals,
  • Facilitate research on contemporary issues unique to living in the United States